Create links to documents, files or folders. BookMarkable can also support other items that are not usually bookmark-able like emails, calendar events or even database entries with help of application-specific plugin. BookMarkable makes it easy to embed links in other documents or applications.

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Bookmark Anything

Linking to a website is easy, linking to a file is more challenging but creating a link for an email is next to impossible. The mission of this app is to make everything bookmark-able. Furthermore, BookMarkable bookmark is more then just a mere link, it includes item’s preview or screenshot and information about which application should open the link.

Reference Links From Anywhere

BookMarkable offers you a range of options how to references links in other applications. This include simple web-like links for applications that can work with text only, up to rich text and HTML-based links with embedded previews.

The Killer Feature For Evernote

Although BookMarkable will work with any application that can handle embedded links or files, Evernote works especially well. BookMarkable can turn Evernote into killer project management tool. References your project files, relevant email or anything bookmark-able directly from your note. See a preview for each item you bookmark, annotate it, share it as part of a note. As a bookmark is just a link, not an actual file you do not have to worry about keeping the original in sync or blowing up size of a note.

Cross-Browser Bookmarks

BookMarkable offers great alternative to browser specific bookmarks. Each bookmark contains a preview, comment field and can be tied to specific browser or application. The BookMarkable bookmark will work with any browser.