Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is difference between LinCastor and LinCastor Browser

A: Although both names are similar and LinCastor was inspiration for LinCastor Browser, purpose of these two apps is complementary, rather one replacing the other. LinCastor allows you to handle any URL scheme and also file extensions. It is also app which doesn’t have any visible UI, other than preferences setting.

LinCastorBrowseron the other-hand, gives you possibility to configure which browser or app will be used to open a web link (http/https) you click on. This is something LinCastor could do with custom handler and bit of programming but LinCastor Browser does all of it in very user-friendly way. Furthermore, LinCastor Browser works great for looking up text and displaying the result in web view panel.

Q: Can it handle non http links (e.g torrent magnets) like LinCastor

A: LinCastor Browser works with http and https links only. If you need to handle custom schemes or files, please use LinCastor.

Q: How do I get LinCastror to handle links directly in my browser

A: Internal links clicks are handled by the browser itself. However, there are different ways around it: