LinCastor Browser

LinCastor Browser is an app that lets you choose a browser you want to open a link with. It works by becoming your default browser. When you click on a link it opens up with a menu and let you choose what action you want to take. Action can be an application or plugin script.

…I could easily create rules to open any google drive links in my Chrome and some accounting links in Safari. That’s exactly what I needed and got it for a few bucks!


Web browser switcher

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It gives you ability to choose

LinCastor Browser is intended as replacement for your default browser. It will delegates requests to Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any other app you want.

Open website in specific browser

Google docs works the best in the Chrome or you may need to load a legacy web site in old Internet Explorer while using Safari for all the rest. Define rules that will associate a link matching certain criteria to the right browser.

Choose what app to open a file with

You may need to use different apps to work on a file - Acrobat vs Preview. LinCastor Browser can ask you whichever app to use every time you open that file.

Use build-in web view as mini browser

LinCastor Browser comes with its own mini web browser. This is very useful for keeping quick lookup (what is the weather today?) from cluttering your main browser.

Great reference lookup tool

Select a text and pass it to a browser or built-in web panel to view the result. Translate text using Google translate, do conversions in Wolfram Alpha or search online documentation.

Handoff links to your phone

LinCastor Browser can “handoff” any link you open to an iOS device.

Custom URL schemas

Many applications use custom URLs or x-callbacks to pass information back and forth. LinCastor Browser can understand those special links as well. This comes very handy if you want to intercept mailto, gropen or phpstorm links and handle them in way you need to.

Customizable and extensible

Create your own action as AppleScript, Automator Workflow or shell script. LinCastor Browser is fully AppleScript scriptable, including an ability to control its web view and comes with a few sample plugins to get you started. In addition, LinCastor Browser understands lc:// callbacks which you can use to create custom bookmarkets.