Extensible virtual PDF printer for VipRiser PDF Ops. It will produce PDF from any application that can print. A user can customize the entire process with Automator workflows, turning VipRiser into powerful publishing platform.

Excellent! Works out of the box. It has to be installed on a host Mac like any other physical printer and then just be shared via Printer Sharing…


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Although its purpose is very similar to other solutions out there, it offers some unique features that others do not.

Part of VipRiser PDF Ops

VipRiser uses VipRiser PDF Ops to provide all of its advanced capabilities. VipRiser PDF Ops is paid application available from Apple app store. You may want to consider buying it as a way of supporting VipRiser’s further development even if you don’t have use for all that extra functionality.

What makes it different from the others

compared to OS X built-in PDF services:

compared to CUPS-PDF:

NOTE: VipRiser contains alternative driver that uses the same PPD as CUPS-PDF