VipRiser PDF Ops

VipRiser PDF Ops is collection of Automator’s workflow steps for working with PDFs. Beside rich set of usual actions like split (explode), merge, insert and delete pages, it can help you to tackle more challenging use-cases as well. VipRiser PDF Ops is Mac OS application which you can download from Apple App Store.

create your own actions

Automator actions for transforming PDF files

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use as virtual PDF printer

The virtual printer allows to produce a PDF from any app that supports printing. The virtual printer works as any other printer. You can share it over the network or even print from iOS device or virtual machine to it. Together with VipRiser’s PDF Ops, it gives you very powerful way to produce PDFs from any application.

extract form fields/text

This functionality is great for importing data from forms or re-editing text in a word processor. As it uses layout information to extract text, it will continue to work even when a PDF has already been flattened or re-processed. Coupled with other workflows, you can import the CSV or XML format it produces right into Excel or database such as FileMaker. See: Extract Text from PDF, Flatten PDF, Extracted Images

crop PDF pages

Indispensable for removing parts of a page like headers and footers and/or extracting parts of a PDF for further processing. VipRiser can crop PDFs by changing its structure or by adjusting its CropBox. Cropping is great way to reuse existing PDF content, such as charts or data-tables, in a new way. See: Crop PDF

render as an Image

An alternative to publishing PDF as a web page is to turn in it into set of images. VipRiser offers an option to stitch resulting images together, which works great for multi-page PDFs. See: Render as Image, Change Color Space

turn PDF into a Web Page

Due to the fact a PDF needs an external app/plugin to view it, publishing it online may not always be as straightforward as one would like. Rendering PDF as a web page eliminates this problem by transforming it into a collection of HTML, CSS and image files that any web browser can view. Furthermore, this makes it easy to embed your PDF with other HTML-based content like within a wikis, blogs or CMS. See: Render as Webpage, Render as Presentation

designed for publishing workflows

All actions where intended to be used within Automator workflows from the very start. Great care has been taken to ensure each action is configurable, yet easy to use. Furthermore, VipRiser PDF Ops come with its own virtual printer (available separately as free download), making it into incredibly powerful tool.

Save WebPage as PDF

Transform PDF to PDF/A or other formats.

other actions

The VipRiser PDF Ops packs together a functionality that would otherwise be available only by scripting various external tools and applications (PDFTK, xpdf, Acrobat, cups-pdf, etc.).